Finally photographed some of my figure paintings that have been lying around my studio for the past week. It's been great being able to hang out with my mom and enjoy the holidays in sunny Florida. I can't help but say that I miss the snow, but that will change soon....Because I'm heading to New York the second week of January to attend James Jean's show at the Johnathan Levine Gallery!!

Also, I'd like to say that all of you can follow me daily on Twitter to check on the current projects that I'm working on, music I'm rocking to, and daily thoughts. So if you have Twitter--awesome! If not--get it! It's really contagious!!

Take care and have a happy holiday everyone!



Francis Vallejo said...

nice tones in the last ones haylee!

RAWLS said...

Agreed! Beautiful work my friend!!

Haylee said...

Thank-you to the both of you, it's very appreciated!

mclean said...

nice flesh-tones in that 2nd one