NY Scribbles and Degas Copies!!

Hello once again everyone! Here are some doodles I did while in NY to attend the James Jean show. I'll have to say that the big apple intimidated me at first, since my roots come out of a small town with no more than 2,000 people; but I grew to like the city. I can happily say I can see myself living there, since I wasn't too sure about my travels out to Cali a couple months back. Everything seems bigger to a small person I suppose, since I consider myself to be quite short. Anyhoo--I have some sketches from the Grand Central station at the top, figures from the Society's drawing night, and some Edgar Degas master copies at the bottom from Christmas break. Most of his painting doesn't really grab me in any way, but his drawings are tight! Master copies are great, it's like following along someone else's line and understanding the thought behind each mark. It's a remarkable feeling.

Anyway, keep a look out for the upcoming issues of Creative Quarterly and CMYK, I have a piece in each this coming spring!

Stay cool!,



Carly said...

Aw I missed seeing you there! It was so crowded at the opening I didn't end up staying very long...

Alejandro Gonzalez said...

Great Sketches