Story Moments & Exploration

Ahoy ahoy! There be an update this week! I'm feeling quite pleased that I'm beginning to nurture this blog and nourish it with plenty of imagery. Here are three of about 18 or so story beats that are being developed at the moment. This is the inciting moment of Lily entering the antique shop where Reese keeps himself busy with inventing. The third is a key moment with Lily receiving a gift in return for her own. A token of love returned.

Here is an exploratory painting in progress of a possible clerk character that assists in packaging at Lily's bakery.

Lastly, here is another visual development piece that is underway. Paul Felix and his uncanny skill to pencil things out at an unbelievable quality. Some day I hope to join him in the trenches and create spectacular work together.

That would be awesome.

Until next time, stay cool.



Jez said...

wowzers! these are way cool yo! n_n its great to see fellow Jesus-loving illustrator in the trenches.


Tibo3D said...

WOW!Nice color!!great job!!

Alejandro Gonzalez said...

Nice painting. What medium is that?

Haylee said...

Thank-you everyone for the kind commentary.

Alejandro: The painting was done in Painter.

Jose Ramos said...

Hey , you have a nice and pretty blof, i like your style.
.I hope get back soon !!!

Francesco Giroldini said...

looking good!

a couple of suggestions..
when painting something translucent that is being back lit sometimes it helps to soften the shadows a little, and maybe bring some strong saturated color between the line where shadows and light meet.
I would add a sense of occlusion in the core shadows (for example where the stool meets the ground or where the cash register meets the table), it helps to ground the objecs a bit more.
The ground around the character feels a bit gray, I would add some saturated colors to it, often times when light bounces off a surface it tends to pick some of the colors and bounce them around, so I would expect the wall where the light is coming from to be catching some strong oranges or reds.
hope this helps!

olgastern said...

gorgeous piece! Just discovered your blog. I like the vibrant color.