The Princess & the Frog!!!...and character designs!

Hey folks,

Hope you're still clicking, because there is some great news to tell! Today is the opening of Princess and the Frog, and you should take all your friends and family to see it. It's certainly the revival of 2-D animation!! Here are a few of the guys that I was fortunate enough to come to know while interning at the Disney studios: Aurian Redson, Paul Briggs, Bill Perkins, Jin Kim, Scott Watanabe, Kendelle Hoyer, Lorelay Bove, and many others... (these guys worked on the film).

As for these guys, they were done as a side project. These are a few of the many designs that were chosen, and that I particularly liked.




Danielle Pioli said...

I am dying to watch this movie. Brings back so much childhood memories to watch a 2D Disney movie!
I love to see the art of the movies, so I really like the post! ^^

Adam Knight said...

I just got back from seeing it! It was pretty awesome and that's sweet that you interned at Disney and got to meet all of those talented people.

Louise Smythe said...