Mister Hyde

Hey there folks!

Many many many apologies. It has been quite different adjusting to new life back home and catching up on 3 years of lost sleep. Who has ever heard of a regular sleep schedule anymore!

Anyhoo--here is some work that was done at the end of my senior year at Ringling College on the 3-D program Z-Brush. Very fun program, once you get past the frustrations of the tools and learn to have patience with the constant crashing. (Hey Z-Brush, go and have a meeting with Adobe and make our lives a little easier!!) So I now have a completely new respect for all you modelers out there. You know what you're doing. Me: was just winging it the whole time.  Although I rather enjoyed modeling Mr. Edward Hyde.

Hope you all enjoy!




AJ said...

Very cool! Nice job!

Zane Yarbrough said...

Very cool I really like the top illustration you did with him its cool how everything looks smoky and spooky

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

The model looks great!

Rebecca Forth said...

Wow, you're design translated into 3D fantastically! I really like how you portrayed such a classic character from literature in your signature stylization.

Adam Temple said...

Beautiful work! I liked your animatic very much.

Louise Smythe said...

oh haylee i love those colors in your illo! great character design, too.