Pres Romanilios 1963-2010

I've personally never met Mr. Romanilios, never went through his history to stare in awe of his drawings, the chance has slipped by for me to even know that he was probably one of the most kind and influential people in this world. Now my eyes have been opened to his amazing achievements and caused me to reflect upon how much more there is for one artist to become. To know more about Pres, go to this link that has a great testament to his character.

Thank-you Mr. Romanilios, for being such a huge inspiration and making it a better place. Rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart to discover that Pres is no longer here. Sadly, I stumbled upon the news while reading another artist's blog. I didn't know Pres personally, but I was an intern at Dreamworks back in 1997 when he was working on the film "El Dorado". I remember him vividly because he often acted out scenes that he was working on in the hallway with a couple other animators. Plus he was always nice to me when I'd drop off the scenes he was to work on. My condolences goes out to his family.