Wow, long time and no posts!! Sorry folks, life has been quite a whirl-wind of a ride as of recent, and the only artwork that I have been doing is not to be seen by any of your lovely public eyes.

Alas, I was contacted by a kind gentleman, Craig Bowers, who invited me to be apart of a wonderful cause to help out with the disaster in Japan. It's called VendMendSend, and is taking place here:

Friday July 1, 2011
118 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201 

So all those who are in or close to the Maryland area, please stop by to take a look, or participate in the raffle to help benefit doctors over in Japan.

As for the piece of artwork itself, it was done to show my love to a good friend of mine. He's very precious to me. <3




Mihir Malavia said...

Great stuff! Love the emotion and character. Nice story telling.

A. Braxton said...

Beautiful work! I cant wait for updates. I love your character design!

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Fantastic work!

Outsourcing Insurance Claims Processing said...

You're very talented!

Posting Load and Truck said...

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