Look out-there's a new blogger in town!

After rolling around the idea of creating a blog in my head all summer, I finally made the decision to make one. So here it is! I thought that I'd put up a couple images for you all to look at other than this temporary template.

The first image is a character sheet of my new creation: Lily. She's basically supposed to be the representation of myself when I was just a kid. I still consider myself a kid! But the story is going to be about Lily, a young 12 year old who longs to be a great chef some day. She's pushed away by her fellow female peers, and even more by her male peers. Lily tries to fight her self-esteem along her journey to being a chef, but is taken notice by a boy who secretly wishes to learn the culinary pathway. And....that's all I've got so far! I'm planning on doing something a little more with the boy, but for now I'm still debating what purpose he's really going to have in the story. The story is also going to take place in a futuristic village that resembles the Village of Eze in Nice, France because I'm planning on creating an anthromorphic community where people, animal, and machine are trying to reside in peace with one another. Ultimately I'm planning on doing a 2 minute short that would want the audience to see more of the story and it's characters.

This second piece is just a bunch of expressions of Lily that I've compiled over these past couple of weeks, along with some animation studies. I kinda scribbled a scene with hot air balloons down in the corner. Used to love going down to Kalamazoo, Mi to see the hot air balloon shows as a kid. So that's going to be a scene in my thesis for sure.

If you guys have any ideas, crit. or thoughts-- please comment. I'm always open to new perspectives. Other than that, thanks for your looking.