Mista Gorilla & Illest of Ill

Hello everyone! I thought that I'd post up some recent stuff that I've been workin' on. Here I have Mr. Gorilla for my media class where we had to do a tightly rendered acrylic painting. The specifics were that it had to be of some kind of animal, and to "paint every hair" on the animal. I did a little twist that was suggested by a classmate, and I think it's the best acrylic painting I've done yet. The pictures you see are a select few from our Illest of Ill show. I thought I got a couple good shots. I put in a few pre-show pictures along with the ones at the show. El Coro was the judge of this year's show, which was pretty cool. Didn't get anything in this year--but that only means I get to work a little harder for the next!

I plan on doing a second post with more work and pics, so hold on tight kids!