Portraits, Toys & Turkey Dinner....

Hey hey, bout time I put somethin' new up again! Not very much this time around. Been trying to organize for the coming Thanksgiving holiday. As for what I have you here, the first is a somewhat finished self-portrait that is supposed to represent "insecurity". There's a second one representing "confidence", but that's still in the works. Not quite pleased with it's results. I think the insecure portrait (along with a bonus portrait I did) won over the pair.
The other two pics you see there are character studies for a storyboard project that's currently in the works. Tomorrow the company Reel FX is coming to crit our storyboards, so I'm going to be naughty and try to skip out on one of my classes to get my stuff looked at. Next post you'll all get to see the storyboards completed. Although, these character studies didn't pass since the clothing and hair had to appear wooden or painted onto the toy figure. Heh, figures.

Anyway, hope you all like. Cheers!



Joe Karg said...

Sweet blog Haylee. I'm really liking your loose stuff. I wish every drawing of mine could just stay in that protective nest of graphite or ink or whatever it is before I take it to the next stages.