Goodbye '07--Yo To '08!

Hey hey people. Sorry about not updating for a while. It was pretty hectic back there at the end of the semester, and I was without the internet for Christmas break. So here I am updating now that I'm safe and sound back at my apartment!

What I have here are my finished storyboards that I promised to update with. They need a bit of tweaking, but they were all loved my my classmates. Which is a check plus. Then I have an old watercolor from my media class where we did the other class's portraits. I ended up with this guy, who I think was pretty awesome to draw and paint. Lastly I have two music albums that I did for my Ill class. Did the first one to Ali Farka Toure, a famous jazz/blues musician in the 90's and the second one to Morrocan accordion music. T' was tons of fun those two albums.

Well, I missed out on the Revelations workshop in Seattle this year, but I hope that all who went had an awesome time. Maybe next year I'll save up some dosh so I can get myself over there to see how they work their magic.

Heh, and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Mine sure was busy, but I got some well-deserved time off. Cheers to this new year and all the new artwork that will come from it!

Take Care!