Spectrum, Gifts and Inks

Sorry about not uploading in such a long time. Been hectic balancing six very demanding classes, but whoo am I learning a ton of knowledge about illustration. Well, I decided to be quite brave this year and submitted an entry into Spectrum. I'm real apprehensive about it, but wish me luck in getting into this year's annual. What I have here for you all is my refurbished "Insecure" portrait that I put in for Spectrum, a Christmas present to a friend here at Ringling, and a black & white page of numerous sketches complied all together. I've yet to know how to put together a nice sketch page, but these are figure drawings from FEWS. Except for the little guy in the corner with the shades and robe.

Also, I'd like to give out a big thanks to Francis Vallejo for telling me about Norman Rockwell's book: "How I Make a Picture" aka "Rockwell on Rockwell". It is the most insightful look on how to make successful illustrations, not to mention Rockwell is just the man when it comes to creating heartfelt images.

Well, take care until next time! Cheers!