Rockwell & More Figures

Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day week, it was quite the week for myself. I've been quite busy with figure work and illustration as of late, plus I'm getting used to being the new precollege liaison. Quite the dream job. So any of you who have been to precollege or plan on going to precollege over the summer, let me know. As for what I have posted up here, I've got a scan from my sketchbook on my most recent portrait assignment. We were able to choose between a student and faculty, and my subject is none other than Mr. Francis Vallejo. Rockwell is a great influence of his, so I thought it cool to have the big guy in the illo with him. Hopefully I'll be able to do both of these great artists justice! Also I have recent work from FEWS and a 3 hr. figure painting that I had fun experimenting with this past Thursday.

Your comments are much appreciated.

Until next time, Cheers!