Thought I'd post a little of what has been going on as of late with some work for all of you. This is a sketch for Concept class of characters that we were able to create. Naturally they are Lily and Andy, my thesis characters. I didn't move around much from the scene I did back during the storyboard project in Illustration, but I really do like this scene. Also, I have a studio shot of the portrait assignment that I've been working away at. Although, there has been much more done to it than what you see in this pic right now. I'll have the final up on the next post for sure!

I also have a pic given to me by George Pratt that was taken last April when the famous Jon Foster graced us with his wisdom, experiences and two painting demos to boot! I just really liked this one because of the angle and how we all basically "cornered" Jon with our questions. It really was a great experience, almost magical for me. Because I went to the demo not knowing who Jon Foster even was, and then I was shoved by Pratt right over Jon's shoulder taking pictures. I guess I'm posting this due to the excitement of the Illustration Academy this summer, it's going to be great!
**I added in a poster that I did for a graphic design class. It was supposed to be a Russian constructivist poster; instead I turned it into a possible movie poster starring my two main characters. I left out all the mumbo-jumbo of the text. Enjoy!