Foley's & FEWS

Wow, two updates in a week, that's a record for me. Just thought I'd post up the best of some figure work that was done this past Friday, and some photos of Jane and Tina's show at Foley's. It was really awesome to see some of our most talented peers being shown with Picasso's drawings, not to mention the sushi was delicious.

Picasso was once asked: "Out of all the pictures you've done, which is your favorite?" Picasso replied, "The next one."

Take care everyone and thanks for stopping by!

**Edit: I added in that portrait piece that I said I've been working on. Just got it photographed properly for all your viewing pleasure. Hope you all dig!



Francis Vallejo said...

Nice work Haylee. The figures are coming along nicely! I really dig that digital underneath also!