Been quite busy as of late. Been feeling the fire underneath from all the deadlines that have been pelted at me the past few weeks. But hey, this is the most fun I've had yet! Been learning and connecting more with all you good people, it really is great to hang out and just learn from one another. Well, I've been motivated to practice more with graphite as of late and it's been quite rewarding (not to mention really relaxing). It's making me return back to my sense of values and shifts in planes, which is something I need to practice at daily.

I've really been trying to push my vision as to seeing in three values and dividing values into simple shapes. Also I have some head studies of a friend for a new painting I'm conceptualizing, pics from the past Avant Garde event (sold two pieces!) and a finished illo based off of the fable "Androcles". Androcles is the story about the man who removes a thorn from the paw of a lion, and is later captured; the lion sparing his life once they are placed in an arena together. It was fun to illustrate, quite helpful with using the James Jean technique by dividing shapes with color over your line work. I realized that I have too much going on in my compositions and need to really simplify my focus.

Hope you all did well at the Avant Garde, and the best of luck to those entering for the Best of Ringling! It's going to be a wicked awesome show this year!!