Senior Ills & Good,Bad & Ugly Footage

Yeah, I got a mega post going on right now. I've got photos from the Senior Illustration show here showing various people and senior set-ups such as Jane Radstrom, Erin McGuire, Adam Volker, Tina Sweep, Andrew Wright & Larissa Neto. They may not be the most flattering pictures of the Seniors, so sorry guys. I'm still trying to figure out how to make my photos look decent. Also, I've got photos from Erik Jones' "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly" show that was hosted by Digital Three Studios. It felt really good to be showing with other big-wigs like Nathan Fox, Shawn Barber, Sean Chapman, and much more. The pics I took were before the flood of people that came from the CA show, but it was a good turn out.

So I also have my full portrait of Zero Wolf from Apocalypto, and some spread illustrations done for a mock-up article.

Congrats to all you seniors!!