Summer Update

It's been a few good weeks since school got out, and man--it feels good to relax again. I've kept myself pretty busy, emptying the library's shelves of their books, reading, writing, drawing and painting. Of course this is all preparation for the Illustration Academy, which is less than 23 days away now. I've been holding out on some work, a digital piece which is modeled after 2 fellow peers and some fresh work done today for Mother's Day. It's gonna be a double-wammy for my mom since it's going to be her birthday this month. Another show is coming in June at the D3 studio also, and hopefully I can get some more exposure. Oh, and I plan on going to Orlando next week to see the Norman Rockwell exhibition, it's going to be great. Give a shout-out for any of you who want to do some painting, I'm going to be around!

***Hey everyone, took the time to give this blog a more professional face lift! What do you think? Comments are always welcome!***

Take care!



Francis Vallejo said...

Hey Haylee. You might be interested in this if you haven't seen it: I looked into actually locating copies of the better looking ones, but not too much luck.

The drawing above looks great! It looks like Fews helped.

Also the blog looks ace. I'm going to have to pick your brain about those tabs you got up top. I've been wanting to do that for a while.


Andy Espinoza said...

Hey Haylee the blog looks great and you have alot of talent. I've seen that portrait piece up in CJ and had wondered who did it. GL at the Academy.