Illustration Academy: WEEK UNO

It's been quite the week dudes, very intense but very fun! Thought I'd upload a little somethin' to show that I'm still around. I apologize for not being consistent the past couple of weeks with updates, it's just been quite the ride for me lately with projects and the Academy. I finally broke in a new moleskine and did up some sketches of students here, along with one of our awesome instructors: Sterling Hundley. Sterling is not only wicked with his work, but he also has the gentle prowess of a humble instructor. He's just simply amazing. I've also been able to befriend many invaluable people while here at the Academy that I would not be able to do most of my work without. They've been such a huge help along with the instructors' careful guidance.

To touch on the first assignment that I'm about to finish, it was given by Mark English to do a square format image on the theme of "A Slice of Life" from Sarasota. I've realized how important the very basic and raw components of a picture are, and that you must completely submerge your brain completely in that one image. The color, value, diagonals, symbolism, placement and overlapping, they all are key to the success of an image. I realize now how closed my eyes are to the illustration realm, thinking I was beginning to see that light of knowledge. I've also realized how really working the process out completely to the very tee and getting all errors out of the way makes doing the final piece a breeze. Although, I realize I have trouble with my focus points, and making them intentional. There's so much I'm learning at one time, it's almost impossible to remember the simple things that make a picture work.

Well, better get busy--there's work to be done!!

Take Care,