It's Christmas in July!

Hey everyone, thought I'd quick post up this portrait that I did for the Rolling Stones cover assignment. The incredible Irving Berlin in all his glory. It was one crazy week getting two pieces finished, although I'm planning on doing the finish for the second one this week along with a Gulf Coast 500 cover. They're making the cover assignment sort of a competition since there's cash involved, but I'm shooting for receiving exposure. Not to mention just having fun with the cover, so good luck to everyone on the cover!




sarah watts said...

This is a great piece Haylee!

jstarr said...

awesome.....high five

Nicholas said...

yeah, this piece came out great! I especially love the gesture in the hands, oh and the fact that it is IRVINE BERLIN, woot!!... you age just like a fine wine...just like it

so are you just chillin' now after the academy?