So Much Work--So Little Time!

I thought that I accumulated enough to keep you all busy for a while. My apologies for not keeping on my weekly schedule, I've been a bit behind and am trying to catch up. Time management is a key issue as of late, but whew!--tons of fun dudes and dudettes! To go from top to bottom with work, I have some recent process on a current assignment, process work and reference pictures of myself for "The Who" portrait which I intend on painting in gouache, but will remain a digital painting for now; and lastly I have recent molskine action from George Pratt's drawing class among numerous drawings from my own figure class.

That's it for now--hope you guys enjoy! And as always comments and crits are welcome.




Arbel M. Cohen said...

love the pastel figure drawing of martin, came out really sweet ! and sweet reference as always :)

PuMpKiN said...


You've some amazing work here!

Love the natural paintings, the new york post and the girl in the "mega postage".

keep it up

Sunny Balliette said...

bwahahaha! your ref. pics crack me up. ...nice work, kid. :)

R. M. said...

Salutations, Miss Herrick. :3 Lovely body of work you have building here- finally had a chance to catch up and see what you've been up to since Freshman year.
Awesome, awesome, awesome possum.
You've worked so hard- and you've done well.

Much luck, friend, but I think you've got that covered.

Take care,
R. Murray