Survival of Mankind and Future Plans

Aw, there's no return of affection to this poor guy's offer of a nice time from one of these cool ladies. I apologize to you all for dragging my heels on updates lately, my new years resolution has already slipped away! Well, times have been busy yet productive. I just completed the inks on a civil war 6 page comic, and when I get the pages back I'll be scanning them in to lay over halftones and adding in the text. So, in the next post I'll upload some character studies and thumbnails of the pages.

Been thinking of future plans for the summer and am planning on attending the Illustration Academy for my second go, and a first time trip to the San Diego ComicCon!! So I hope to see a lot of familiar faces, along with learning some new ones on my adventures!

Stay cool.



Kendra Melton said...

he looks like peter pan!

Eric Braddock said...

This looks great! Love the palette.

Gerald said...

Wow, great movement and attitude.

Christina said...

that's my favorite part :3
your expressiveness is still crazy good

Jeff Cruz said...

G'day Haylee, it's been a long time.
Gotta say You've come extremely far with your art and I must say I absolutely love what I'm seeing from you.
I'm definitely going to keep my eye out on your blog from here on forward.
Oh and Attending SDCC?
Hope to finally meet you there.
- J

Haylee said...

Thank-you everyone for your kind comments!

Jeff- I hope to see you as well at the SDCC, it would be great to finally meet! Hope all's well with you, Mr.Cruz.

Alejandro Gonzalez said...

Yo I love this piece. Nice work. I like the values and how you muted the girls. It really makes the guy pop. And the boner is hilarious! Dude has a boner right? Well if it's a happy accident, it WORKS!

Haylee said...

Thanks Alejandro, your work is coming along quite fine as well! I'll always love that It's a Wonderful Life piece you had done.

Again thank-you.

Niki López said...

you'll love the SDCC, no doubt about that! i don't think four days is enough to truly see it all :]

Anyway, hope to catch you there! Good luck on thesis, Haylee!

Haylee said...

Niki: Unfortunately I can't go since the tickets have already sold out. Also, I'm not a senior...yet! But I hope to do well on my thesis for this coming year! Can't wait to see what you all have in store!