First Ride

 Hey there folks!

This painting was quite the doozy, yet all is well. This week the action is going to be downplayed a bit until Megacon. Which is actually tomorrow. Jeez time flies!

Also, just recently got myself wrapped up in Jeff Smith's Bone comic--and wow! Can not put this book down! So I bow down to you Mr. Smith, and all your magical ways of storytelling with line!



**PS Also, you may notice some changes going on. Please bare with me while this blog undergoes some revamping. Thank-you.**


McLean Kendree said...

Jeff Smith is the best. Seriously, a personal hero! Once you're done with Bone, you might check our RASL and see what you think of that. Its not done yet, though.

Scott Watanabe said...

Lovely painting Haylee!

Michael Yates said...

really love this one

Ghassemi.salman said...

Like this/ is great.