Wait wait wait...ANIMATE! Part 2

 Okay fellas,

Here's the second installment of these animation explorations of Reese and Lily. In this one, I thought I'd have him saying something along the lines of "Well, I uh...love her."

I love Reese to bits.

On another note, lots of exciting stuff happening in the life of Haylee! Lots of job options are happening right now, and very excited to see how everything plays out in the coming weeks.

Hope you all enjoy!




Erin McGuire said...

Looking good. I'm sure you'll be snatched up real quick :) Best of Luck!

Peter Nagy alias Nagy Péter said...

Beautiful drawings, Haylee! - Keep it up!

Tibo3D said...

nice poses!!

J said...

Wow, great stuff! You draw beautifully.

Haylee said...

Thanks guys!

Erin: Thanks girl! I hope to be picked up soon!

James: Thanks for stopping by! I'm very honored.

J said...

Of course! You draw well beyond your years. It's enviable.