Wait wait wait...ANIMATE!

Hello folks,

These drawings are something that I purely enjoy the most. I can paint and what have you, but when you give me plain paper and a pencil/pen I'll be happy for hours on end. In my opinion it's the most pure form of art, since everything is intentional and honest in the marks.

Also, I apologize if anyone's tired of seeing this character. There may be an installment of her companion later. In the mean time, I hope you all enjoy!



PS. Also, yes, Glen Keane has a heavy influence on this character and her movement. Thanks, Glen!


Adam Knight said...

I would love to see these move! Do you post your animations at all or have any posted? I'd love to see them. Excellent work!

gaurav said...

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RAWLS said...

Those are great Glen...uh, I mean, Hayls!! :)

Tibo3D said...

great posing!

Delanimo said...

Great content, as always, Haylee! I, for one, never get tired of your art work. On the contrary. In fact, I'm constantly checking it out for daily inspiration.

Now, your mission is to animate ...this is not an option :) Seriously, it would be great to see your characters in motion.

Thanks for being so energetic and dedicated to your craft and keep up the great work!

nickwatson said...


Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Awesome Blog! Alot of good work here.

michaelamos said...

Great drawings - would love to see a pencil test!
Your blog is fantastic - love your work!

Abz said...

Wow, you're too good! very awesome work! feel free to stop by! :)