//Anthology Project Vol. 2 Kickstarter!!//

Hello there folks!!

Been super busy with lots of work, personal and business...Alas, some great news from the AP crew! THE ANTHOLOGY PROJECT Volume 2 is well underway, and we NEED YOU!!!

You can enter Kickstarter from the image above. This is an opportunity for us (the AP crew), to build a relationship with you (lovers of all things art). It’s a way for everyone that loved Volume 1 to not only pre-order volume 2, but for you to help out in getting it off the ground in a very meaningful way!

Beyond that we’ll be offering other things like prints, buttons, original sketches, special editions and signed copies of the books depending on the size of the donation.

So please help out if you can to make this a great success!




Lady Garland said...

This is so exciting! Good luck with the project! XD