Semper Fi Progress// Installment 2

Well, have been very busy as of late working on this comic. I commend all of you hard core comic guys and gals out there--it's hard!! Yet I've learned so much in putting these pages together, and have so much more to learn. For those who are amateurs like myself, I discovered a gem of a book.

It came in later after doing my layouts for the comic, but it's super jam-packed with lots of history and great examples of design from famous comics ranging from Marvel to Bone. It's highly recommended for any student or teacher to have for inspiration or instruction.

Also along this journey, I stumbled over another beauty! Marcos Mateu-Mestre is a long-time story artist at the Dreamworks Animation Studio, and his work certainly stands the test. This will certainly be an essential addition to any aspiring animation lover's library. I've been a fan of Marcos' work for quite some time, and he's a wonderful guy to boot!

In addition to progress on the Anthology comic (which we made our $7,000 goal and still going!), there is some good news brewing with a children's book company and a feature animation studio that I hope to be joining in the near future! Everyone say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed... Good things certainly do come to those who work!

Thanks to all those who follow my work!!




Zane Yarbrough said...

I was wondering when you where going to update again :) these pages look awesome, really great stuff...its going to be fun to meet up at CTN, thanks for all the help!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haylee,
I just wanted to drop you a line after we met at CTNX, love your work, love your appealing drawings!

All the best Haylee, hope we can work together in a future!

Pablo Navarro

Wayne Parker said...

Thanks for the info on the Framed Ink book, his work is awesome - as is yours :)

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Great info, panels look great!