Dr. Jekyll or...Mr Hyde?

This year, I would rather like to be a Dr. Jekyll, yet the Hyde inside needs a little taming at times. This is a version of what Hyde would look like to me, and is a current project that I have been developing over the past holiday weeks. The idea goes along the lines of Hyde not being able to return to the form of Jekyll, therefore being forced to conform to a model citizen.

We'll see how well it goes. Enjoy.




Liv said...

Hey Haylee my name is Livio from Argentina, I work in the area of animation backgrounds, for a company in Buenos Aires. A guy at work show me your blog, I love what you do! great drawings!, You have amazing treatment of color.

Hope to see more of it soon!

if you like, you can check up my blog:


you will not find the backgrounds there, only a little bit of what I do in general!

see ya!

Haylee said...

Livio: Thank-you so much for taking interest in my work and sharing it! I'm very flattered.! I hope to someday beable to say the I work in the animation industry myself.